Our research team had conducted numerous field studies to determine attitudes, awareness and behavioral practices related to a host of issues such as politics, culture, and current affairs in risky areas. We also have had extensive experience in evaluating media consumption habits of at the grassroots level and public level, and we have systems in place to provide media monitoring services.

This invaluable information is used to:

  1. Craft more compelling and effective messaging campaigns for regional and federal elections,
  2. Enable better audience segmentation and targeting.

    Provide a baseline against which the performance of a project can be measured over time.

Our media monitoring team continuously surveys traditional and online media to give clients insights into what journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders and members of the public are saying about them. Having very solid listening platform which allows our clients to implement a reputation management program and evaluate its success over time.


Activities / Products

  • Baseline surveys
  • Focus group studies
  • Political polling
  • Media monitoring
  • Media analysis
  • Information and events announcements


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