Capacity Development

Our media trainers deliver effective solutions for both personal and institutional capacity development. Very few people are comfortable in the beginning to speak in front of large audiences, hold press conferences in public events or give live interviews on television or other multimedia platforms.

Our approach is to deliver hands-on and realistic training that endows communicators with the skills, techniques and confidence needed to speak on behalf of their organizations or public offices in the government.

Our trainers are joined in the classroom by practicing journalists who create a realistic experience for students of facing the media and how it works in any situational events.

These practice sessions are filmed, and trainers subsequently provide constructive feedback. Training sessions can be delivered in a group setting for press officers while senior government officials or CEOs will receive one-on-one instruction. Our specialists can also analyze existing communication structures at the local and institutional level as well as recommending policies and international best practices to enhance capabilities and improve operational efficiencies.

Activities / Products

    • Media and communications training in 360
    • Spokesperson training
    • Press room mentoring
    • Crisis response and reporting
    • Human resource systems
    • Information Communications and Technology Institutional Development


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