About US

Founded in September 2000, Somali Consultancy is a leading full-service Pan-African consultancy company that delivers impacting solutions to companies, governments, development organizations and individuals in the Horn of Africa and the world at large.

Bringing the incessant news cycle in both the traditional and digital media, we believe it is absolutely vital to employ consultancy for reputation management and strategic communications to further the manifold objectives of our clients.

We assist our diverse client base with navigating today’s complex information space from offices located in Somalia and around the world.

Somali Consultancy has established a reputation in the marketplace for working in complex and challenging environments which demand a comprehensive understanding of local consultancy in localized cultures, indigenous communication practices and relationships with stakeholders, at both the grassroots and national level.

In addition, the firm has excellent contacts with local and international journalists as well as opinion leaders across the region.

The firm has leveraged its unique specialist skills and networks to deliver integrated communication solutions for numerous high-profile clients, including Somali Group of Companies, Somali Petrol Company (SPC), Somali Semi-autonomous States, Somali Government and Non-profit organizations.


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